Weeknight Cookie Decorating

Weeknight Cookie Decorating

The girls always get so excited when I come home from work. Last night I decided to surprise them with a fun little treat! Emma has been obsessed with cooking shows lately and Lilly only wants to play with pots, pans, and spoons. Soooo…. I decided what would be more fun than decorating gingerbread cookies!


I know what you are thinking…. decorating cookies on a work night?! Well, Pillsbury helped out. This weekend we stumbled across these…


I popped 1/2 a dozen in the oven and let them bake while the girls and I had a dance party! Frozen fever has hit the girls big time!

Once the cookies had cooled I put one on a plate for each of the girls.

Lilly was very excited and picked hers up right away.


Emma could barely contain her excitement! DSC_0352

I didn’t even help her decorate the cookies! She did such a good job!



Lilly did a great job…..dsc_03601.jpgDSC_0361

Okay she never made it to the decorating part! Oh well… at least she sat with us! LOL



Sunday Funday

While I was getting our dinner ready I overheard laughter from the play room. It was that belly roll laughter that makes you want to laugh along!

I went to investigate.  Low and behold this is what I found…


The girls love when Daddy plays with them!


Life can get so busy. During the week, it feels like we don’t spend enough time together so we always try to make up for it on the weekends.


This weekend with the snow and cold we stayed in more than usually. We read stories, watched a movie, played Play-Doh (so much Play-Doh), and even played Lion Guard. Emma was nice enough to teach Daddy all about the characters.


It’s weekends like this one that make me feel really blessed!

First Snow Fall

So, it happened… finally after a lot of being teased by my weather channel app it finally started to snow! I am that New England girl they enjoys every ounce of snow she can get! My girls love it too!

We treat the first snowfall like the magic it is. Baking cookies, sipping hot cocoa, and watching the snow fall through the windows!

The girls were so excited that they clung to the windows to watch the snow fall.


I marveled at how cute they were. They must have looked out the window for 10 minutes! They couldn’t get enough!

Once the novelty wore off we decided to get cozy and read a classic Christmas book. Emma decided that she wanted to read herself, so I let her. Apparently, Lilly likes it better when Emma “reads” her version because she didn’t move until the book was finished!


Once the book was finished we got cozy under the covers, grabbed sippy cups of milk, and watched a family movie… A Charlie Brown Christmas.


I hope you all enjoyed your night as much as we enjoyed ours!

Train Expo

Train Expo

This weekend my in laws asked us if we wanted to go to a train expo. My father in law has been a train enthusiast for quite some time, and my husband, the girls, and I are always up for a bit of an adventure. So, we packed up our day trip bag, hopped in the truck, and headed to meet up with my in laws.

I really had no idea what we were in for. The displays the people come up with for their trains are amazing.


As you can tell I love this one with the snow!

DSC_0357DSC_0359DSC_0360DSC_0361DSC_0362Emma was having so much fun looking at all the trains from Daddy’s shoulders.

This one had houses from Harry Potter …. so of course I loved it! DSC_0369

This was set up with Thomas the Train trains.


Everyone was so nice and accommodating to the kids. They gave the girls stickers and bracelets. There was even a little area set up with trains for the kids to play with!


We had such a fun time!


Iowa Pine

Iowa Pine

I love Mrs. Meyers cleaning products! They come out with the best scents for the holidays. I simply LOVE their Iowa Pine scent for Christmas…. and all winter long! It smells like I ‘m cleaning in a forest!

The Surface cleaner stands up to any mess the girls can throw at me…  sometimes that is a literal phrase!


The dish soap is super mild on my hands and pans, but still stands up to even the toughest to clean pots and pans! DSC_0321

Not only will this soap leave your hands squeaky clean, they will smell soooo good!!DSC_0322

This scent tends to sell out pretty fast at my local target so I usually just buy it on line!

Amazon has a cute little travel set that you can find here.

If you are looking for the full size then head on over to the Mrs. Meyers site.


Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

On Saturday we took the girls to a magical place. The shrine at La Sallette is simply breathtaking. If you find yourself in southeastern Massachusetts during the holidays La Sallette is a must!   It gets pretty crazy on the weekend so if you want to beat the traffic then you really need to get there for 4pm. Another benefit of arriving that early is that you get to see the lights turn on. Trust me this sight is beyond magical.

We told Emma that we had a surprise for her, but we didn’t tell her anything else. She was excited when she saw Grandma and Grumps, and her super cool older cousins!


The lights turn on at 5pm, so when the time came we all walked over to the circle around the pond to wait. Even then we kept Emma in the dark (see what I did there 😉). We just told her to keep looking straight ahead.  When the time came for the lights to turn on, Emma was in awe!


Even Lilly’s face lit up when she saw it!  Daddy was excited too! LOL

That moment made the trip all worth it! DSC_0377

They do such a phenomenal job!




Once we began to walk around the pond, we spotted an ABC book laid out on giant boards. Each letter represents a different religious aspect of the season. I thought that was such a sweet addition!


It gets pretty cold there, so we came prepared with some Hot Cocoa and marshmallows!



You can take as long as you like walking around, and there are a lot of wonderful things to see!




Winter Dishes

Winter Dishes

When I first got married my mom gave me some Polish Stoneware as a gift. They were adorable with their evergreens, snowflakes, and reindeer. When I found out that they were made in Poland I was even more excited. My Polish grandfather died when I was in high school, so these dishes are sentimental and remind me of him.

I add a bit more to my collection each year. It is sort of a tradition now for my mom to get me a piece.


Last year she gave me this beautiful Christmas tree. It holds a tea light and looks stunning when lit.


The serving dishes are wonderful. They can go in the oven or even the fridge, making prep and clean up super simple!



You can get these dishes at your local Christmas Tree Shop if you are in New England. I have also found them at Marshals and TJ Maxx.