Kiddo Survival Bag

Let’s face it running errands with kids can be…. umm… an experience. I make sure that my bag is filled with things to keep the girls happy and the meltdowns at bay.

I had always been a tote girl for as long as I can remember. I had various  large tote bags and I would cram all sorts of goodies in them. Then one day I started thinking about how that bag (because trust me they were the largest tote bags Vera Bradley made) didn’t allow me to really move around with ease, and let’s face it, it took up so much room in the shopping cart as I scrambled to purchase everything on the list, keep the girls content, and my sanity intact. There had to be something to make this a bit easier.

So, one day as I was looking at the big sale Vera Bradley was having (don’t worry Carlos, this was a while ago… trust me… I haven’t bought anything new…. 🤥) I saw a back pack that was super cute, had pockets for water bottles (or in my life, sippy cups), it was washable (insert happy dance), and it had lots of different mini pockets for the little things you need. This would have been an awesome backpack when I was in school (sigh).

After looking at the bag for a while I settled on the Ziggy Zinnia pattern. It was fun and had some dark colors in it to help hide the wear that I am sure it will go through. The backpack really makes life easier and what Mama isn’t looking for that! It leaves both hands ready to grab a toddler when they are trying to escape and it is compact enough that I can’t over fill, but large enough where I can definitely keep everything I need.

Of course, we have the necessities like diapers, wipes, toddler utensils, hand sanitizer, diaper bags, tissues, a first aid kit, and these gems!


They are disposable toilet seat covers.  I just found them on Amazon and thought they would make a good addition to the bag. #parentlife #photobomb


To keep meltdowns at bay I love to have a variety of things for the kids to do. I change it up on a regular basis by adding a few novelty items like Seek and Find books or figurines. I always keep color books and crayons on hand for obvious reasons. The girls also love these doodle pads. I picked up the Frozen version at Toys R Us 😢.



These first word cards are geared for Lilly, but Emma likes to keep sharp by practicing these things too. They love to play with the clay too, it has really helped us out in a pinch when we have a wait at a restaurant.


Just like the games I also like to vary the snacks.

You know keep things fresh… literally! They love clementine and apples, but I can’t leave those in there because… well I’m sure you get the picture.  We try to keep the girls eating as healthy as possible so these apple sauce packets are great!


We keep this lovely lady packed and ready to go because you never know when adventure calls.



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