Say Aloe to My (Not so) Little Friend

Lately I have been reading up on the benefits of having house plants. Typically, any type of plant that enters my house ends up in the trash after it has wilted and died. Not this one though!


This Aloe plant began as a tiny seedling, and look at it now!

Trust me, this has more to do with the plant itself than with me! They are so easy to maintain!

You can get a plant at Lowes for less than 8 dollars. Once you get your plant water them like once a week, and keep them is a sunny spot. That is the recipe to Aloe success!

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, or if you are lucky enough to have a green thumb, then you can replant the Aloe into a larger pot. Just be sure to use Cactus and Succulent soil, because it helps with drainage.

I keep Aloe plants in all of the bedrooms because they omit oxygen at night and help you sleep better. They are also supposed to rid the air of toxins. The fact that they look so good is just a plus!


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