Christmas Eve Traditions

I feel like this past weekend was just a whirlwind. I can’t believe that Christmas is officially over! I sat down today to reflect on the wonderful time we had.

Christmas Eve has always been a special holiday in my family. It is steeped in tradition and no matter how old we get it still holds a special place in our hearts!

My Vovo is the one who makes the food. She is the most amazing woman I know (sorry Mom, but I know you feel the same way)!


She makes the traditional Portuguese boiled cod fish, greens, and potatoes. My cousin married a girl from the south so she brings macaroni and cheese. This year I decided to make a lasagna because Lilly is such a picky eater. I knew that if lasagna was there she would eat something… so she ate the macaroni and cheese!


After eating all this good food, we add a bit more… dessert of course! My mom made the cake pop Christmas tree and grape nut pudding. Emma made the chocolate gingerbread house. Vo made the dough boys. My mother in law made Portuguese French toast. I made cookies, and my Godmother made her famous cream cheese brownies and flan!


Emma loves birthday parties, so I figured this year would be the best year to teach her why we celebrate Christmas.


My mom made a birthday cake and we sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus!


Emma was super excited!


Once dessert was over we had a surprise visit from the big guy! Santa and his elves passed out all of our Christmas gifts!


Lilly fell in love with her lamp! DSC_0387.JPG

Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday as well!





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