Just a Girl and Her Car

This post is like a walk down memory lane! A few years ago Carlos came home with a purchase. This wasn’t your typical purchase… well I guess if you’re my husband this was a typical purchase! LOL

Any way, this purchase was a 1962 cream colored rag top Beetle! I was in love!  Carlos needed to do a bit of work to it.

He changed the suspension. IMG_2297

He put an interior in it- carpet, door panels and seats (it was bare when he brought it home). IMG_2796He added the bamboo shelf. IMG_2795

Oh yeah… he even put in the engine… because it didn’t have one when we got it. So I guess it was a bit more than a little work! LOL IMG_2797IMG_2794

Little did we know that our soon to be born baby girl and the Beetle would be inseperable.

Their little story began when we took our “New Family” photos.


Daddy’s girl from the start! 
We begin driving young in our family! 
Welcome to the family Emma!
This is my favorite! 

It didn’t stop there. As she got older she began to love Beetle more and more.


Let’s go for a ride guys! IMG_1967IMG_1965

Daddy where do you want to go??? IMG_1964

Just sitting here snacking…. Did you need something??? IMG_2097

She even went to her first car show in the car.



She was pretty upset when other people stopped to look at it, because in her mind this car was hers!


What do you mean was????

LOL! Okay Emma I guess when the time comes the car will be yours!



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