Movie Star

Over the summer a friend of ours approached us about having our Rag Top Beetle in a film. He has a friend that is a movie set organizer and he was in need of period specific cars.

The conversation went something like this.

Beetle Parents: Tell us more we said….. Our car could be a movie star?!  

Friend:  well an extra…

Beetle Parents: We still thought movie star in our eyes. 

Beetle Parents: What is the movie going to be about??? 

Friend: Something about the riots in Detroit. 

Beetle Parents: He’s going to Detroit?!?!?! 

Friend: No, they’re filming in Brockton, MA

Beetle Parents: Oh… well will our car get hurt?? 

Friend: I don’t know. That’s why they have insurance.

Beetle Parents: Crickets Chirping

To make a long story short we signed some papers and waited for the day our Beetle would leave us for a trip to the movie set.

The day finally came and we tearfully said goodbye to our little Beetle. He was all grown up and heading to Brockton… that would really be Detroit.

We didn’t think it was going to be a big deal kind of movie, but then we began to learn more about the film and we realized our bug was going to be in a big deal movie!

We kept googling about the film to see if we saw any sneak peeks of our beloved Bug. No such luck. What ended up happening was we became more and more excited about the film!

There ended up being some pretty big stars like John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, and our Beetle. Talk about a proud parent moment!

After a few months, our beloved Beetle came back to us without any scratches! Now we just had to wait for the film to come out.

Months later… film came out at the movie theater… but we were parents that couldn’t find a sitter… so we’ll just wait until it comes out on DVD.

Fast Forward to a week ago…..

The day had come Detroit came out on DVD. You can find it on Amazon here.

We raced to our local Target after work to pick up a copy of the film… we hoped and prayed there would still be a copy left.

We raced through Target with the girls holding on for dear life in the shopping carriage! Turning franticly down aisles we finally made it past the seasonal section to electronics and there it was on the bottom shelf ten copies of the film starring (at least in our minds) our Beetle.

That night Carlos watched the film and began to shout…… 8 minutes and 24 seconds into the movie our Beetle had made his film debut.

It was only about 2 seconds long but we are definitely thinking he may be nominated for an Oscar!



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