Weeknight Cookie Decorating

The girls always get so excited when I come home from work. Last night I decided to surprise them with a fun little treat! Emma has been obsessed with cooking shows lately and Lilly only wants to play with pots, pans, and spoons. Soooo…. I decided what would be more fun than decorating gingerbread cookies!


I know what you are thinking…. decorating cookies on a work night?! Well, Pillsbury helped out. This weekend we stumbled across these…


I popped 1/2 a dozen in the oven and let them bake while the girls and I had a dance party! Frozen fever has hit the girls big time!

Once the cookies had cooled I put one on a plate for each of the girls.

Lilly was very excited and picked hers up right away.


Emma could barely contain her excitement! DSC_0352

I didn’t even help her decorate the cookies! She did such a good job!



Lilly did a great job…..dsc_03601.jpgDSC_0361

Okay she never made it to the decorating part! Oh well… at least she sat with us! LOL



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