First Snow Fall

So, it happened… finally after a lot of being teased by my weather channel app it finally started to snow! I am that New England girl they enjoys every ounce of snow she can get! My girls love it too!

We treat the first snowfall like the magic it is. Baking cookies, sipping hot cocoa, and watching the snow fall through the windows!

The girls were so excited that they clung to the windows to watch the snow fall.


I marveled at how cute they were. They must have looked out the window for 10 minutes! They couldn’t get enough!

Once the novelty wore off we decided to get cozy and read a classic Christmas book. Emma decided that she wanted to read herself, so I let her. Apparently, Lilly likes it better when Emma “reads” her version because she didn’t move until the book was finished!


Once the book was finished we got cozy under the covers, grabbed sippy cups of milk, and watched a family movie… A Charlie Brown Christmas.


I hope you all enjoyed your night as much as we enjoyed ours!


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