Christmas Lights

On Saturday we took the girls to a magical place. The shrine at La Sallette is simply breathtaking. If you find yourself in southeastern Massachusetts during the holidays La Sallette is a must!   It gets pretty crazy on the weekend so if you want to beat the traffic then you really need to get there for 4pm. Another benefit of arriving that early is that you get to see the lights turn on. Trust me this sight is beyond magical.

We told Emma that we had a surprise for her, but we didn’t tell her anything else. She was excited when she saw Grandma and Grumps, and her super cool older cousins!


The lights turn on at 5pm, so when the time came we all walked over to the circle around the pond to wait. Even then we kept Emma in the dark (see what I did there 😉). We just told her to keep looking straight ahead.  When the time came for the lights to turn on, Emma was in awe!


Even Lilly’s face lit up when she saw it!  Daddy was excited too! LOL

That moment made the trip all worth it! DSC_0377

They do such a phenomenal job!




Once we began to walk around the pond, we spotted an ABC book laid out on giant boards. Each letter represents a different religious aspect of the season. I thought that was such a sweet addition!


It gets pretty cold there, so we came prepared with some Hot Cocoa and marshmallows!



You can take as long as you like walking around, and there are a lot of wonderful things to see!





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