Getting Festive

We look forward to decorating our home for Christmas every year! Now that the girls are getting older they are beginning to enjoy the season more too! This year Emma wanted to decorate the tree all by herself and every time we drive anywhere at night she looks out for decorated houses. I love the fact that she thinks the holiday is so magical. She is even getting Lilly into it. As Emma points out houses with Christmas lights Lilly is the back clapping or saying oooooohhh.

This year we decided to put Santa on our kitchen table. I switch out what runners I use so nothing gets boring. Right now, I have my favorite Moose runner! This one gets to stay out all winter long.


Emma put this sign hanging from my hutch, and I must say it looks wonderful! She really has a good eye for decorating. DSC_0407

Last year we added this window on the door going to the basement. It added some charm and allowed the heat from our wood stove to find its way upstairs. It’s also the perfect place to hang a pretty wreath! dsc_0392.jpg

As we put out decorations here or there, the girls would scurry about to see what new additions were out.

Our new tree skirt and stockings earned some clapping! The girls love Mickey and Minnie…


especially when they are life size!DSC_0378





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