Oh Christmas Tree…

Ever since I was little my favorite part of the holiday season was putting up our Christmas Tree! It’s just so magical seeing it light up for the first time! I am so thankful that I get to share this with my family! The girls adore the tree! I believe Lilly’s exact words when she saw it light up was WOW! The next day she asked me to pick her up and she pointed to the tree and said pretty! Even at 16 months she can sense the magic! Emma had a similar reaction.  She said “Mommy that is so beautiful”! I seriously became emotional at their reaction to our tree. img_4238.jpg

Emma helped us decorate the tree. She picked out the places she wanted the ornaments and asked for a boost if she couldn’t reach. Lilly helped us figure out how high she could reach on the tree. You know you have a curious toddler in the house when your tree only has ornaments on the top half! LOLDSC_0399

This year we have the perfect mix of store bought and homemade ornaments. DSC_0400

Lilly decorated this Mickey Mouse ornament! DSC_0401

Gingerbread anyone?!DSC_0402

Emma really made Minnie’s Bow look nice! DSC_0403DSC_0404DSC_0405

Of course we needed have a VW bus front and center! DSC_0394DSC_0398Though the tree has only been up for a few days the girls are already quite attached. If we don’t turn it on in the morning Emma gets upset! She wants the lights on all day long. There are even times I catch her just staring at it mesmerized!



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