Have Toddlers Will Travel

This past weekend we headed to the Cape for a quick little getaway. The Bayside Resort looked so festive decorated for the holidays.


The girls had so much fun! It was a stormy weekend so we spent time inside playing!


Here is how we survive traveling with toddlers in tow.


I used to pack all of our clothes into one big suitcase or two duffle bags. This is how my mom always packed our stuff growing up and she didn’t seem to stress about it. Well, I need to hand it to her! I’m not sure how she did it! Needless to say that method did not work for me! Now, I pack a small duffle bag for each child.

I also leave out a comfortable outfit for the girls to wear in the car. Lilly’s new favorite outfit consist of her Mickey leggings, long sleeve T-shirt, purple vest, and sneakers. DSC_0338

These sneakers are super comfy, and she absolutely loves them! DSC_0339

Mickey LulaRoe leggings. They fit both girls so they are worth the money! DSC_0340

The Vera Bradley small duffle used to be mine and is about 10 years old! It still looks brand new! Lilly loved the colors and has taken over the use of this bag. DSC_0341

It fits clothes and diapers! I can put everything Lilly needs for a weekend in here. It keeps things organized and Momma sane!

Once Lilly is finished I begin packing Emma’s bag. She chose this pink Vera Bradley small duffle as her own. Her travel outfit is the same as her sisters, but instead of Mickey Mouse she has chosen to wear her Jack leggings! DSC_0344DSC_0345

The girls like to pack for themselves too, so I give them each a backpack to fill with toys of their choosing.


No matter how many times they pack their bags, the same toys seem to end up going on vacation with us!


These Little People Travel Castles are great! They fold up small and the girls can use what ever kind of dolls to go with them. Emma has been using her Vamparina dolls lately! Lilly on the other hand has to have her Peppa Pig!DSC_0344

The girls pack plenty of dolls in case they need more to play with. They always like to be prepared. dsc_0347.jpg


While in the car  I keep snacks, drinks, and activities in a tote to keep the girls occupied.


This tote is beyond wonderful! It has two side pockets that fit toddler cups, and water bottles perfectly! DSC_0337

There are tons of pockets inside to hold even the smallest snacks! DSC_0338

It’s also super roomy so I can fit everything else we need too! DSC_0339

Here’s a breakdown of what goes into our bag.

Sunglasses: For when the sun is in their eyes or when they want to be movie stars.

Snacks: We love cereal, applesauce packets, toddler snack bars, and fruit crisps.

Books: Seek and Find books are great at keeping the girls busy! Emma loves to find the hidden items and Lilly thinks she is reading a regular book! Either way it’s still a win in my book!

Toddler Cups: For when the girls become thirsty!

Headphones: For Emma to listen to her music. These are toddler headphones that restrict the amount of sound that goes to the kids ears. They are perfect for those toddlers (like Emma) who want to do everything themselves!

iPad: We downloaded some music, educational games, and videos. We use this as a last resort. It has saved us on our four hour trips to New Hampshire on several occasions.



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