Mud Room Rehab

A few years back we added a mud room to our walk out basement. Then we added a wood stove, which is wonderful because it keeps downstairs toasty and warms up the tile floor upstairs too! However, once we had kids its seemed like that room would never get finished. There was always another project that was deemed more important.

Finally, this year was going to be the year!

We would complete the project and no longer have to look at the cement board behind the wood stove!



We headed to Lowes and picked up the material we needed.


We used this AirStone so it would be lighter on the wall. We were afraid to put anything too heavy up there.

Carlos laid out the stone to make sure the pattern looked nice first.


Once the stone looked the way we wanted it was time to begin sticking it to the wall!


After a few more trips to Lowes (we ran out of stone) and hours of work later….


He did such a good job! The stone really ties everything together.

Once he was done with that, Carlos decided that he needed another project ASAP and created this wood holder too!


Now we are ready for the winter!


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