Cooking with Kids

My girls love to help out in the kitchen. They get all excited anytime they see me begin to cook. I  like to think  that this is because they believe I’m an all star chef , but in reality it’s just because they want to cook too!

Oh well! LOL


Though there are times I wish I had three sets of hands, sometimes these itty bitty ones aren’t the most helpful!  I’m sure many of you Mamas can relate!

I try to find simple things the girls can help out with because I don’t want to discourage their love of cooking.

I also don’t want to miss out on spending quality time with them! So, what I try to do is find small things that they can help with. IMG_2977

This weekend we decided to make some corn bread. I measured out all of the ingredients and Emma poured them (with some assistance) into the mixing bowl. I began stirring to make sure things got mixed together.  Once things were mixed a bit Emma took over so I could grease the corn bread molds.

Once everything was mixed and the molds were ready, Emma began her second task. She used a tablespoon and filled the molds with the batter.


She did such a wonderful job! DSC_0350

Lilly helped us by picking out the best holiday music on the iPad!


Thanks Lilly! The  Michael Bublé Christmas Album put us all in a festive mood!

Once the pans were filled we put them in the oven.

Emma’s cornbread! dsc_03611.jpg

Looks like Emma will have to make the cornbread for Thanksgiving this year!


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