Dancing Queen

Our great adventure this weekend, wasn’t just to visit my sister. The entire family was invited to our cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire. Sooo….we all rallied at my sisters house, got all dressed up, and headed out to celebrate the Newlyweds!img_3982.jpg

I love taking pictures of everyone all dressed up… so of course, I left my good camera on the table at home and had to rely on my iPhone.

It was so difficult to get the girls to pose for a picture! They were just so excited! So, apparently my camera was the least of my worries! LOL


Let’s try that again… IMG_3989

One more time….

IMG_3990After some time the girls calmed down a bit so….

We tried again…. IMG_3991IMG_3992

Okay… the mamarazzi moment has passed! Between the girls not posing and Daddy photobombing I decided to admit defeat!

Once the music started Emma turned into a dancing queen!

We could barely pull Emma from the dance floor.

Lilly on the other hand… IMG_3993.JPG

I don’t know how she slept through the music!

As sleeping beauty dreamed away, her sister was doing this…

Then the DJ slowed things down a bit!

Emma was waiting all night for a special dance with daddy!


It began getting late so we had to drag the Princess from the dance floor. IMG_4017.JPG

She really had the time of her life!


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