One Pan Breakfast

We are big breakfast fans at my house, but with a big breakfast usually comes big clean ups! Well we figured out that one pan breakfasts are the way to go. If you are looking for a new family breakfast recipe for Sunday morning this is it!

Here is what you need:

18 Eggs

a Splash of Milk

1 pkg Shredded Potatoes

1 pkg. Your Favorite Breakfast Sausage (we love the chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s)

1 pkg Something Green (Kale, Chard, Collard Green, Spinach)

1 Onion diced

3 Garlic Cloves diced

1 tsp. Rosemary

1tsp. Thyme

1 Cup Shredded Cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

Now that you have what you need, lets make some breakfast! We always begin by making a pot of coffee! Then we put all of the non egg ingredients into one bowl and begin cooking them in a coated pan (this comes out really good when I make it in my cast iron pan).  While those bits do their thing crack the eggs into the same bowl you used to mix the other ingredients, add a splash of milk and mix them up.

Once the onions and potatoes look a bit brown add your egg mixture. You want to make sure that you are mixing the egg, veggie, sausage mixture to scramble it all up.  Once the eggs look like they are 90% cooked, sprinkle the cheese on top and mix it together so it melts.

Serve this batch of deliciousness with coffee, orange juice, or whatever else you like to drink for breakfast and some toast! We chose to make English muffins on the griddle this time! Yum!




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