Transporter Fest

This car show isn’t for your average van, but the Merk was up for the challenge. This morning we piled into the Merk and headed on our way!


The show was held at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. This has to be  one of the coolest venues I have been to.



We got out and began to explore! As soon as we parked the Merk I spotted this green Rabbit Convertible and had to go take a look!


I made a b-line to the Beetles! They have always been a favorite of ours! This color is gorgeous and they carried it down to the wheels! I fell in love!

Parked near this one was s slammed Beetle from the Creeps car club! The detail on this was wicked!

Check out the radio flyer wagon they had in front!

This show was Vanagon heaven! Everyone decked them out in all of their glory! Soooo Coool!

As we walked around I stopped for a moment to drool over the Karmann Ghias.

The guys explored the inside of the museum too and it didn’t disappoint!

Every weekend they have a different type of show. They even update the inside exhibits regularly! This place is a must see for any car enthusiast. You can find out more about this museum here.

Coolest show ever!


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