Keeping Tabs on a Crazy Life

Life is pretty crazy, especially when you have youngsters!  For the past few years Carlos and I have been trying to make keeping tabs on everything a bit easier.

We tried putting things in our phones and syncing them together… that didn’t work.

Then I tried a little agenda that I kept on me at all times… yup that didn’t work either.

Finally, we started thinking more practically. We needed something that we both could glance at easily to see what the days and weeks had in store for us.

One of our changes that really helped keep tabs on where everyone needed to be and at what time is our Desk Calendar on our Fridge. Typical wall calendars are too tiny and you can’t fit everything that needs to be done on a single day there. I found this one at Target, but you can find a similar one here.


We created this note station by using an old picture frame, some hardboard backing and a coat of chalkboard paint to keep all of our shopping lists and notes in one spot. This helps to keep them organized. Some days it is really crazy and I may not see Carlos until the evening and this way we can keep tabs on what the girls need. Unless the girls haven’t napped and then I just run out of the house! LOL I’m completely kidding….


Have you  ever gone to the grocery store, unpacked your family from the car, and wrangled them into the shopping cart only to find that you forgot your list? Yea, me too, like all of the time! This solution helped us keep tabs on the list, but it doesn’t prevent us from forgetting it. I found that taking a picture of the finished list helps… I never forget my phone, so it works. We keep a running shopping list and we put it on our note board. This helps because lets face it once you become a parent you don’t always remember everything you needed at the market. So a list is a must!

My last little tip is for busy Mama’s. I use this agenda to help keep track of all of my stuff, between work, doctor appointments, social events and what not, this is my sanity!


How do you organize your crazy life??


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