Emma and Lilly’s Playground

This summer we decided to get the girls their very own swing set. We walked into Toys R Us and stumbled upon a sign saying 25% off everything. We were very skeptical and thought what are the odds that sale will pertain to swing sets. Well it did so we jumped at the chance to buy an awesome swing set for the girls!

We spent a weekend building it… and when I say we I mean Carlos. Once the swing set was finished the girls began playing on it, but we knew the area wasn’t done. We bought some playground mulch and put that down… there was still something missing. After looking at the swing set we decided that we were going to create a border around the mulch with stone, you know make it look fancy. Then we realized that probably wasn’t the best idea seeing how rocks were hard and slightly dangerous being around a kids play area.

I decided to do some research… which means I went to Pinterest. I found a playground with tires around it. BINGO! That would bring in Carlos’ love of cars, it would add a nice little buffer around the playground, and the girls wouldn’t scratch their legs climbing over the tires.

Turns out Carlos had a bunch of tires already, so we lined them up to see how it would look. Believe it or not it didn’t look bad, so we asked around and sure enough a friend of ours was getting rid of some tires. We now had the perfect amount. It’s funny how things turn out.


The girls love playing in the playhouse too. I know this thing was pricey, but to be honest it was worth every penny! DSC_1023

We decided to add a sandbox to the play area because Emma loves playing in the one on our deck. We had an extra one laying around (it was handed down from a cousin) and it fit perfectly! DSC_1024DSC_1026

How do you keep your kiddos occupied in your backyard?


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