Carlos’ Breakfast Burritos

When I first met my husband I was the one who did all the cooking. Now we tend to share the task.  This is one breakfast my husband makes WAY better than I do, so at this point I just leave that up to him!

Here is what you need. 

16 Eggs

8 Tortillas

Cheese (as much as you’d like)

1 pkg. Turkey Bacon (You can use regular bacon. We like turkey bacon because it isn’t as greasy as regular bacon)

Here’s how you make them.

To cook the eggs. Crack the eggs into a bowl. Add 2 Tbsps of milk and whisk together. Place them in a coated pan and scramble.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Place strips of bacon on a cookie sheet (line it with foil first to make clean up easier) and place it in the oven for about 10-20 minutes or until they are done to your liking.

Once the bacon is done, crumble it up into the eggs so it looks something like this.


Now that the stuffing is done it is time to build your burritos.

Grab a wrap and add the cheese. We used sliced because we didn’t plan well! Shredded cheese works better!


Put some of the egg mixture on top of the cheese. The key is not to over stuff them or they will fall apart.


Wrap ’em up!


Then place back in the egg pan. You may want to spray the pan first if it is not non-stick.


Flip them over when they start to look nice and crispy. DSC_0949

Once the other side is done, they are ready to eat. We always cut them in half, because they are very filling. This recipe is enough for breakfast all week long too.

DSC_0950When I prepare the filling for these I love adding veggies like onions, spinach or kale, and peppers. Feel free to customize how ever you like. These are also great when made with low carb wraps and egg whites.



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