Man Cave for the Car Lover

When we bought our house 9 years ago we knew that we wanted to do something different with the downstairs kitchen, yea there were two kitchens in our house. We decided not to keep the downstairs kitchen (besides the extra running sink). Instead we transformed it into a hangout that gear heads go crazy for! My husband as you probably have already figured out from reading our blog posts about the Merk, and the VW’s on the Hill Car Show is a huge VW fan. Though I don’t think those posts come close to showing his obsession with Volkswagens.

As you walk down the stairs to the basement you will notice his various awards from showing his cars. They are a small glimpse of what is to come…



My husbands obsession started when he was young. Here is what he created in Wood Shop when he was in high school.

DSC_0960.JPGWhen we were designing the “Man Cave” in our basement we knew we wanted to bring in my husbands love of cars. So he custom built a shadowbox bar where he could keep all of his collectable cars.

dsc_0961.jpgHe also decided that he needed to customize the seating as well…. and so these barstools were born.


The tire will keep the stools from scratching the floor, and we made sure the custom cushion was comfortable as well.

This area was a second kitchen so it does have a sink, fridge, and cabinets. Instead of getting rid of those things we simple customized them to go with our theme. He used engine parts and spark plugs for the cabinet hardware.



Of course we had to get decals to make a Herbie fridge. DSC_0989

If you haven’t noticed, my husband pays close attention to details! DSC_0988


The walls are decorated with VW memorabilia. We found some old Life magazines with VW adds in them, so we turned them into posters.



We really took our time renovating this area to fit our vision. It’s one of our favorite rooms in the house!






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