Halloween is Here

Halloween has come to our house, or should I say our haunted house (insert scary laugh sound here).

The girls love Halloween and we had a blast decorating the house this year. Well, I had a lot of fun, Emma on the other hand has some suggestions! She loves to tell everyone that we still need to go to The Christmas Tree Shop to buy spooky tablecloths. Apparently mine are not up to her spooooky standards!



I mean, I think this is a pretty spooky tablescape! Don’t you??

When we first got married we found these cute candle accessories at Yankee Candle! Adding to our collection of Boney Bunch characters every year has become a bit of a tradition. Though, lately we’ve had to take some time off because we are running out of room!




Things have changed since we had kids and our house isn’t just decorated with Boney Bunch characters anymore. Mickey and the gang now grace our walls  along with bats, pumpkins, spiderwebs, witches hats, and black cats. This is all thanks to our fun size Halloween decorator.



We found this fun game at Target last year and got it for Emma as a thank you for decorating the house. Well,  it was (and still is) a huge hit! It comes with mini size corn bags. DSC_0927

Here is how Emma played it last year! I wish I could say her strategy has changed. Now instead of saying more she says I win! LOL

How do you incorporate your kids when you decorate for the holidays?





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