The Peppy Prepper

Now I am not talking Zombie Apocalypse or End of the World prepping here, just your average run in the mill inclement weather prepping.

As I sit wondering what the latest hurricane has in store, (boy Mother Nature has been busy) I begin to think about how our little family would ride out a storm. It still isn’t really clear what kind of impact Maria will have on my area and with two kids it is good to be prepared.

Then there is the “what will the winter bring?”  The Almanac says snow… a lot of snow… but will it actually happen??? Mother Nature likes to be unpredictable and as a parent I like to try and plan for the unpredictable. Will their diaper explode at the market? Who knows, so we plan for the worst, and hope for the best!

I always get a bit excited when we go and get our annual canned food, bars, and water. I know what you’re thinking, and yes I am super cool! LOL

What can I say, I like to be prepared. When we plan for the storms we don’t run out for the bread and milk because, lets face it, if I am stranded and unable to go to the market, I don’t think I will be craving bread and milk. What do you make with that any way?! You at least need to add peanut butter to make it appealing.

We pack the essentials like coffee… we once lost power during a blizzard and used our generator to make coffee (yes our neighbors threatened to come knocking, the more the merrier). I am kidding about the coffee… actually I’m probably not ;).

We never prep right before a storm, because that is when everyone is out and acting crazy. Instead, we prep with pep (sorry I had to) throughout the year. Stop and Shop always has sales on canned soup and bottled water, that is when we stock up!  Anytime we see a really good sale on paper goods, canned good… really anything “good” wise, we pick it up as a “just in case”.

If the power goes out we have plenty of flashlights. Harbor Freight keeps us stocked, because they always have coupons for free flashlights. So every time there is a coupon we use it.  I also have an obsession with candles, so we have plenty of those too.


What kind of stuff do you keep for those “what if” weather moments?


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