Camp Runny Nose

We booked a weekend at a campground that we love! They have a cute little playground for the girls and train that gives rides around the campground.

The planning was done, our bags were packed, and then Friday rolled around.

I get home from work ready to leave and I hear these words…

I think the girls are sick.


It was to late to cancel our trip, so we decided to go anyway and just stay in the RV. I packed up medicine, honey, the diffuser, some Young Living essential oils, and tea. Then we hit the road.

This post was supposed to illustrate how nice the campground was, instead I guess it turned into a camping with sick kids post. 😦

Turns out I think they just have bad colds, but lets face it colds of any kind can knock anyone out, and my girls, as invisible as they are, were no match.

Saturday morning was a bit dreary, so we let the girls stay in their PJ’s while they played about the RV. I diffused some RC essential oil to help with the girls stuffy noses. I also put some Thieves essential oil on the bottom of their feet to help kill germs and boost their immunity. They tend to spit out any medication I give them regardless of the flavor, so I try to use essential oils when I can.

If I want to be really sneaky I make them something special to drink. Emma loves hot chocolate so I add some honey and cinnamon to help her cold as well.

After a lot of cuddling and some of Mommy’s “special” 😉 hot cocoa. It was time to get them ready for bed.  They woke up on Sunday morning and they were feeling a bit better!


This is Lilly in action after we got home! Hopefully, this lasts!


How do you make your kiddos feel better when they are sick?


One thought on “Camp Runny Nose

  1. Poor lil ones! Young Living essential oils are the only ones I trust to use directly on my little girl. I diffuse the RC, Thieves on her feet and try to push water while relaxing on the couch. Love the post!


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