Summer in Review

I can’t believe that summer is gone and camping season is almost over!  This summer was a blast and our camping season began fairly early. We began camping the first week in May when we went to Fisherman’s Memorial Campground.

Then we spent the rest of our camping trips until July camping at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA. You can find out more about that one soon 😉

Then in July we took the RV out on her first long distance road trip from little Rhody to Illinois! Though I was really nervous about going that far with the kids, it turned out to be the best experience!

Our trip began at 4:30am! Clearly Emma and I are the early birds!

We slowly, but surly, made our way through Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and finally our destination at Lake Carroll! We had planned on staying overnight in Pennsylvania, but the campground canceled our reservation. So we decided to drive straight through with breaks when we needed them!!

Despite the girls making a mess of the floor with their toys, the drive went great! We loved seeing all of the beautiful mountains and then farmland!

The real fun began once we got to my Aunt and Uncles house!

They were nice enough to put up with all of us for a week!

Emma absolutely loved the lake and spending time with her super cool older cousins… and Aunt and Uncle. We couldn’t forget you guys!


When Emma’s day got rough she knew exactly how to relax!


Lilly quickly followed Emma’s lead.


After relaxing by the lake we decided to visit a much larger body of water! Yup, that is the mighty Mississippi behind us.


Our last big excursion was to Galena. Which is such a cute little town with a rich history! Galena is the location of General Grant’s home. So of course we had to take a look!

Once you leave the house there is a nice little path to a statue of his wife.

IMG_3278We hated leaving, but our vacation was over so we hopped back into the RV and headed back to Little Rhody!

Since then we have hit some of our usual campgrounds which is always fun! You can read about those here.

Camp Weekend

Ginny B Campground

Take a look at our retro camper here.

It is always sad seeing our camping season come to end, but that is exactly when I begin planning our adventures for next year!



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