Camping with Toddlers

We found out pretty quickly that traveling with a toddler can be… how should I put this… challenging.  Having purchased an RV knowing that we would be traveling with our 1 year old (back then) and anticipating having another child, we knew that we needed to find some things that would make our life a bit easier.


Lucky for us our RV could fit a play pen (SCORE!!) So where the kids slept was one thing we could check off of our list!

For starters, we thought we had feeding a toddler down pat! We bought a booster seat that fits on a chair and had its own little tray. Perfect right… not so much. Campgrounds have picnic tables not regular chairs. So what we thought was a home run was really a foul! That is when we came across the Sassy Seat. Have you heard of these things? They are beyond fabulous. Ours folds up into a bag that is super easy to store and we can bring it any where! Now if only it could stop the messy eating! LOLIMG_3330

Giving a toddler a bath can be a bit like herding cats at times.

I completely traumatized E the first time I gave her a bath in the RV, so we knew we needed to find something to make this easier, because with bug spray, sunscreen, and numerous trips to the playground daily this kid was in need of a bath every night. This turned out to be an easy fix.

We purchased a kid friendly drain cover, some bath toys, and one of those expandable face clothes. You know the ones that have characters on them that come in a packed shape and then they expand when they hit water. She thought it was the coolest thing and then suddenly bath time wasn’t so scary anymore.


Camping is so relaxing. Sitting by the fire in your camping chair sipping coffee. Wait… I’m sorry, that was an image before we had kids! LOL. Silly me.

Now camping is more like chasing a toddler away from the pretty fire. When Emma was younger we retrofitted a seatbelt onto a Childs camping chair. It worked so well! We thought we had that part down.



Then we had Lilly… I swear that kid gives us a run for our money! No mere seatbelt could contain this child! We had to up the ante!

Well we found this! It’s an outdoor playpen made out of metal so Miss Lilly can’t lift it. I’m sorry to say that we learned plastic was no match for her when she broke out of every plastic gate we owned.

Another bonus is that it could fit their fisher price toddler slide! Boom!

Parent win right here.

This thing is beyond fabulous! It reminds me of the one they used on The RugRats and it is by far the best thing we have found for camping. We put their play bins in there and they play… in fact there have been multiple occasions when you will catch me, my husband, or even a grandparent in there playing with them too. It is really that big! There is nothing they can climb on to get out (or at least they haven’t come up with an escape plan yet).


While we are talking about the slide. This is another huge asset. If it rains the girls can play on the slide under the awning.


Walking around the campground is relaxing and you get to take in all of your surroundings… insert toddlers who want to run through everyones site and pet every dog you meet… this can make your relaxing walk more like a cardio bootcamp.


Santa was nice enough to give Lilly a car for Christmas! We use this to go for walks around the campgrounds! She simply drives along and waves at anyone she sees….. yea she pretty much is a princess!


Now that Emma is 3 and a big girl she wants to walk like we do… only her walking is more like sitting on Daddy’s shoulders to get the aerial view of the campground!


We love camping and so do the girls! It really is the easiest way to travel with young kids!



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