Emma’s Spooky Reads

We are big fans of the holidays in our house, and we especially love Halloween. Emma likes to pick out books and we read them over and over again. I asked her to help me write this post by picking out her favorite SPOOOKY books.

Here is what she came up with…

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween


Those of you that read our early book review may not be surprised by this one! We are huge fans of the Little Blue Truck books and this Halloween one is sooo good. It follows your favorite characters as they go to a Halloween party. It’s a flip book so when you meet a character dressed up you can have fun trying to guess who is under the mask.

Room on the Broom


This one is super cute! You follow the witch along as she makes new friends and faces an evil dragon! I love how it talks about making friends and the importance of being there for people. Emma loves that the main character is a witch! Either way it is such wonderful little story, and the illustrations are fabulous!

Peppa’s Halloween Party


What can I say about Peppa… both of my girls adore her, although this one is by far Lilly’s favorite! She’ll stop whatever she’s doing and come running over if she hears me reading this one to her sister! This story follows Peppa and her family as they get ready for their Halloween party.

Five Little Pumpkins 


Emma loves this story because the words on each page rhyme making it easy for her to remember what I read. Then when we read it again she “reads” along with me!

Clifford’s Halloween


Who doesn’t love Clifford! I remember reading Clifford books when I was little and I think it’s so special reading them again with my kids!

If you and your little one haven’t read these yet, you may want to check them out! We had so much fun reading them and I bet you will too, and please don’t worry none of them are too scary!


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