Surprise Sweets

Last year Amazon came out with a new dash button called Prime Surprise Sweets and only available to Prime members. This is a curated box of 4 different kinds of sweets to sample. Ya… needless to say I am a fan! I limit myself to only getting a box when there is a special occasion like a snow storm or a Tuesday!

dsc_0888.jpgThis weekend I decided to get a box. My parents were coming to visit us while we were camping and I thought it would be fun to sample some treats together for dessert. All I had to do was press my dash button and then two days later this box showed up on my doorstep!


They even give you a little info about each treat you receive.


This box did not disappoint!

Vanilla Rum Cake


Crispy Cake with sprinkles




Chocolate Chip Cookies


Everything was sooo good! There was plenty of goodness to go around too. Four of us  (well three adults and two kids) ended up sampling this box and it had the perfect amount for everyone to have a sample of everything (more than once)! This is our second box and so far we haven’t been disappointed!

Here is a link if you would like to get one of these yourself! Prime Surprise Sweets


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