Why Camping

I grew up tent camping or “real camping” as my Dad likes to say joking around with me after we purchased the RV. Those of you that know my Dad can probably hear him saying that! He grew up camping in a pop up and then an RV, but he always chose to sleep outside instead. Well my parents haven’t been camping since my little brother was a baby, fast forward 26 years later and they finally went camping again. That’s what I love about camping is you can go with a bunch of people and get sites right near each other and have a little party. We did with with friends before we had kids and I absolutely loved it!

Now having said that, I wouldn’t go back to tent camping! I absolutely love the comfort of our RV. It allows us to see what ever we want to and we have a comfortable homey space to do it in.

DSC_0598DSC_0600How ever you do it, camping is a great time for all. The kids love playing and making new friends at the playground.



Spending time together exploring IMG_2490


or hanging out by the campfire, is wonderful. We are making memories that our kids will  be able to look back on! IMG_3023IMG_3029

S’mores anyone???IMG_3024

Camping allows us to take a break from the laundry, cleaning, yard work, work work, and everything else that haunts you at home. Even if we don’t go far it gets us away where we can spend time together, and enjoy each others company. I get that camping isn’t for everyone, but if you haven’t tried it yet and you don’t have a trailer or tent you can always rent a cabin. Many campgrounds offer Cabins, Yerts, or even Tepees that you can rent for a weekend.  Take some time and get away!



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