Fall Kitchen Must Haves

There are certain recipes that I always leave for the fall. I can narrow down my array of kitchen tools to ten main things. Seriously! No joke. I can whip up every recipe I make in the fall with these ten kitchen necessities.

 Dutch Oven: I use this for absolutely everything! It fits a perfect size roast and trimmings for my family of 4. Plus, I can whip up any kind of soup or pasta dish I like in it too.


Bread Machine: There is nothing like coming home to a house that smells like fresh bread! I use my bread machine religiously in the fall and winter! I can whip up dough for my apple cinnamon buns (don’t worry I will share that recipe with you at some point). It can make pretty much any bread or dough you can imagine!



Crock Pot: There is just something about the fall and a slow cooker that go hand in hand. If I know I have a meeting and I won’t be home at my usual time, I make sure I get this bad boy going so I can have dinner on the table in no time.

Cast Iron Skillet: This is the mid size skillet, the large one is a behemoth that would be perfect for a larger family. My mom has one and it is the perfect size for when she is whipping up dinner for 8 of us!



Baking Sheet: Perfect for cookies, pumpkin scones, sheet dinners, or even as a catch all for pies. A good baking sheet is worth it’s weight in GOLD!

Pie Dish: What is fall without apple or pumpkin pie?

Stoneware Baker: This baker can be used for Lasagnas, enchiladas, or apple crisps!


Muffin Tin: To whip up breakfast quiches, muffins, mini meatloaf, mini popovers, or even crispy stuffing. Oh yes, muffin tins are for so much more than just muffins!

Pumpkin Loaf Pan: I love making pumpkin and zucchini bread and what better way to present a fall loaf then in a pan with pumpkins on it!


Tea Pot: When the weather gets a bit cooler there is nothing that will warm you up better than a nice hot cup of tea!

These are the things I can’t live without when the cooler weather hits. I would love to hear what your must haves are in the comments section!


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