The Merk, The Myth, The Legend

So last week we went to a car show and took our VW Syncro. You may be asking yourself, what’s a “Syncro”? Well folks, here is the story of our Syncro, our beloved Merk…

The Vanagon Syncro is a four wheel drive VW Van that was sold in the US from 1986-1992 with only about 5,000 officially imported to the states. My husband has been on the hunt for one of these vans for most of his life, and now with kids in the picture, we kicked the  search into high gear. My father-in-law called one day and said “I found a van, and I think it might be a Syncro. Its parked in someones yard behind my house.” Needless to say, within 20 minutes a phone call was made,  my husband went to the guy’s house, and a deal was struck.


Saved by my husband from some other fate, he towed it to my father-in-law’s house using the other Syncro we had at the time. Even though the motor and transmission were sitting in the rear passengers area, we got pretty lucky that the body was in excellent condition.


My husband spent countless nights and weekends that summer working on the Syncro, putting it back together and making it reliable and safe for our family outings.IMG_2024.JPG

Fall was upon us and the Syncro came home.



Now, the most important part, we needed a name. The obvious person for the job was given to our 3 year old E. After much thought she came up with Merk, her favorite character from her favorite show Miles from Tomorrowland. IMG_3626.JPG


Once  Merk was up and running, it became our go to vehicle for family adventures! The girls obviously love it!





They even love helping Daddy fix it!



Until our next adventure!!


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