Camping Checklist

With two little ones in tow I need to be as organized as I possibly can. Going on vacation is no exception! Every time I tried to rush through packing I inevitably forgot something like socks, extra outfits, or even maple syrup (yup, those were some bland pancakes)! Despite all of that, it was the time I forgot extra outfits and there was a diaper explosion  that really made me rethink my ways. Poor L ended up having to be in a diaper and blanket on the drive home!

I am happy to say that this hasn’t happened since. No that is a complete lie! LOL! With two kids under 4 any Mama is bound to forget something at sometime!

Now before each camping trip I go through the RV and make a list of what we need.  It took me a bit, but I decided to create a checklist to make this task a bit easier and nicer looking. My system in the past was having some random chicken scratch on  pieces of paper that no one could decode! It is quite clear, that was not a good system!!

Having my list on a nice piece of paper, or up on the computer screen is so much better!  Plus, I just love things that are cute! Here is the checklist I created to help me organize what needs to be brought out to the RV.  It is basically a packing list so don’t feel like you can’t use it if you don’t have an RV.

Camping Checklist

Here is a link to some that are editable. Just click make a copy and you can attach them to your google drive.

Editable Check Lists

Hope these checklists help make your life a bit easier! Us Mama’s got to stick to together!






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