VW Car Show on the Hill

This weekend we took the girls to a VW car show at Diamond Hill State Park. Our long time friends got together to resurrect this laid back and family friendly car show, so obviously we had to attend! (being close to home didn’t hurt either!) We all piled into our Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro and headed out. We got there pretty early so we got a primo spot! Mostly because Carlos wanted to climb the rocks, although it worked out that we got a perfect shady area in the process!


We had the only Syncro at this particular show, and it was fun being surrounded by some really cool camper vans!


This bus was so nice. I love the rag top!


This is one of my favorite places to go see a car show. Everything is really spread out and there are wonderful spots to have picnics. DSC_0711

We walked through the show and spotted some really cool cars. Here are the Karmann Ghias, I think they’re just the coolest looking! We would love to get our hands on one like this blue one, but they are super rare! Maybe one day!! Until then I will just stare at this picture! DSC_0713

I used to own this bright blue Karmann Ghia, but there is hardly a backseat so we decided to sell it and get a much more family friendly Syncro! Though I do miss it, I am so happy that we got the Syncro. The girls adore it! DSC_0714

Here is one of the special interest cars. It was so cool! It’s hard to see in the picture, but it has a wind up on the side that spins as it drove by!


After taking our initial lap through the show,  L decided to relax in her show car! LOL, she parked on the rocks just like her Daddy. Yes, that is a VW symbol that she is playing with.


E wanted to hang out on the rocks too! IMG_3626Once the girls were done relaxing we headed out to see some more of the show. Across from us was a line of pretty cool Beetles!


The show was set up in a really cool way. The participants and guests were the judges, they had the best food trucks, and some really cool bands entertained the crowd with some classic tunes! Can’t wait for next years show!



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