In a Pinch Cheese Plate

Have you ever had company come over unexpectedly and you didn’t know what to put out to offer your guests? Me too! I used to stress about it because I always want to be the best hostess. Well I have a little tip to share with you that made my life a bit easier.


I mean who doesn’t love cheese, right!

A cheese plate is always a crowd pleaser and you can customize it to whatever you have on hand. The best part is, it won’t look like you rushed and just threw something together, and you serve it with wine. What is not to love!

Here is the one we threw together as an appetizer for our family reunion dinner.

I precut all of the cheese first. That really saves time as you put your plate together.  We used a variety of cheeses, greek olives, cashews, apples, and cold cuts.  Everything was laid out on a wooden cutting board. You don’t have to worry about having a special cheese board.

I added the meats first by stacking them in one corner. dsc_0677-e1503079570885.jpg Then I began placing the cheese in piles around the board. I put the olives and the cashews in small dishes to keep them separate.

Then I began piling up the various cheeses. Just make sure your piles are stable enough. You don’t want them to topple over if you need to move your master piece!


Now that the cheeses are all on we added some slices of a Portuguese meat and sliced apples. If you don’t plan on eating the plate right away I would suggest using another type of fruit. Unless prepared correctly apples can brown quickly. dsc_0681.jpg

Here’s a closer look!


Once everything is placed on the cheeseboard (or in my case a cutting board) go ahead and serve this baby! In my family crackers are optional when it comes to cheese. If  you have room on the board feel free to add any kind of crackers you like.

We served ours with a variety of wines for people to try.




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