Cape Cod Beer

While we were at the Cape for our family reunion we decided to visit one of the local breweries.


Cape Cod Beer was pretty cool and the atmosphere was wicked laid back. They had various games to play while you sampled your beer, wine, or kicked back with a freshly brewed root beer.

This was E’s first taste of root beer and despite her looking the photo she actually liked it.  LOL


It really was the best root beer I had ever had. It tasted like a mix between root beer and cream soda. Soooo goood!!

E had a blast playing checkers (well trying to play checkers). She loved stacking the game pieces to make checker towers!


Each tasting had five samples in it. They have a list and you can pick and choose the ones you want. I really liked how you could customize your tasting,


My mom started out tasting the wine and said that it was pretty good.

Then this happened…


She sampled one of my beers and ended up switching  her last sample to beer instead of wine.

My favorite was the CentenniALE, which they only brewed this one time to commemorate the legacy of JFK. I am hoping they will bring it back! My sister liked the Blonde Ale. My cousin liked the Cape Cod Summer beer, while other family members liked the Amber Red and the Potter. To be honest I didn’t have a bad beer. They were all really good.


This is definitely a must see if you are in the Hyannis area.

Here is a link to learn more about visiting the Cape Cod Beer Brewery.


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