Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory

If you every find yourself in the Hyannis area and you are a fan of potato chips than you must head over to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory! They offer  free self guided tours where you can see how their chips are made. The tour goes fairly quickly which worked out really well for our toddlers. E had such a fun time watching the chips move around the various conveyor belts. Even L seemed to enjoy herself.

Click the link below to  learn more about planning a visit.

Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour

They have signs, like the one below, to let you know that you are heading in the right direction.

DSC_0617Once you pull into the parking lot you will need to follow the seagull tracks to the entrance of the building. E thought this was so funny!





There is no photography allowed during the tour, so I can’t share that part with you. Trust me it’s cool to see, especially if you have little kids.

The tour drops you out into their gift shop where they have a bin of free samples waiting for you. DSC_0630

Some one was very happy about her sample.


If you find yourself on vacation and it begins to rain or you need a break from the sand and sun this is a great choice!


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