The Zoo Adventure

We packed up our Volkswagen Syncro and decided to take the girls on a bit of an adventure. Our day began with a trip to Roger Williams Park Zoo.IMG_3368


E loves exploring, and the zoo gave her the perfect opportunity to find exciting new things.



This zoo is fabulous! I really can’t say enough about it! If you ever find yourself in Rhode Island you really need to check it out.

As you go through, you end up down these little nature trails with exhibits on either side! I swear there are times you forget that you are even in a zoo. While walking down one particular path, we stumbled upon a petting zoo where you and your little one can hang out with some super cute goats!

As you can tell, this part of the zoo was a huge hit with E! She made a few new friends that were just her size.



Next, we went to visit some Alpacas and though it may not look like it, L really did enjoy seeing them.


Seriously, she thought they were great… until we took a picture!

While exploring another exhibit E made a new friend! We called him Mr. Otter!

I know super original!


This one is my favorite picture! It really shows how they bonded! It was the coolest thing! IMG_2597

They played together for quite some time!


It was REALLY hard to pull her away form Mr. Otter to go find more animals!

Here are a few of the highlights (at least in E’s eyes) from today’s visit!  IMG_3399IMG_3401IMG_3413

Having spent almost three hours looking around we decided to call it a day and head back to the Syncro for a picnic.


E was all about Daddy today and he loved every minute of it!


Having had our fill of lunch we drove around the park in search of our next adventure.


The Carousel was our next stop!  fullsizeoutput_5b3

The girls had such a fun time!  I can’t wait until our next adventure.





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