Tammy the Turkey

In the spring our neighborhood got a new resident. We named him Tommy the turkey, until we realized that he was in fact a she so we decided to switch her name to Tammy. As it turns out Tammy thought our street, and our neighbor’s house in particular, was an ideal place to build a nest and lay some eggs. There were many mornings I woke up to  gobbling outside my window, which I guess is better than an alarm clock. Tammy kept us on our toes. She would call down to us from the top of a large tree. This mystified us and we often discussed how she managed to create a nest that far off the ground.

Sightings continued, and one day Tammy wanted to get a view of her surroundings so she decided to fly up to my neighbor’s roof and sit for a bit just looking up and down the street.  We all laughed!

Leaving my house in the mornings and seeing Tammy wandering around in our yard was pretty cool, but then the sightings stopped.  I figured she had left the area. Then yesterday I noticed this.


Tammy had made a comeback and she had tiny turkeys in tow!  Aren’t they the cutest?!

fullsizeoutput_419The family goes for walks a few times during the day, but they never stay in one area for long. I am so glad that I caught them! Hopefully they stay here long enough for us to see them get bigger.



The other day we caught the family in a tree. Here is the picture of the tree. You can’t see anything but a dark spot. fullsizeoutput_53f

Zoom in a bit more and this is what you get! DSC_0391

I don’t know how they do it!



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