Retro Camper

After E was born we knew we wanted to be that family that took wonderful and memorable trips together! I mean what family doesn’t dream of this! We began by taking our newest bundle of joy to our favorite hotel on the Cape. What could go wrong?! Apparently a lot! Turns out traveling with a newborn was not what we had envisioned. For starters I over packed. No, like really overpacked. I think I brought about 50 outfits and a billion toys! Then we had to tip toe around because we were confined to a room with a sleeping baby. We kept thinking that there had to be a better way to go on vacation with a child.

Then something magical happened. A guy that worked with Carlos showed him a brochure for a retro style RV.  We looked at the brochure about 100 times and then decided to go look at it in person. Well, we bought it that same day!  We fell in love with the look and the fact that it didn’t have any slideouts! This RV is the perfect size for our family. We absolutely love the color too!

RV Overlook

Here is a little tour of our home away from home.

E loves her bunk, if you haven’t noticed! Lol



We added a map this year to track the states we have visited in the RV. Poor Vermont, we will visit you soon!


Of course we had to get the yellow Keurig and cleaning supplies!


Our dog thinks the couch is just for him! He was a bit confused as to why E would be on his couch! LOL


Rainy day cuddles with Daddy!


We couldn’t believe that it even fits a playpen! This was definitely a parent win!!

Though this RV may look retro, trust me it has updated amenities. When it is 90 degrees and humid we are thankful for our A/C.  When it is rainy and the girls are fussy we are also thankful for the flatscreen  TV and DVD player.

We have owned this beauty for 2 years already and we absolutely love it! The girls travel so much better in a place that they feel is home.





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